Willow Creek Farm is an old fashioned farm in the beautiful Baraboo Hills of Wisconsin. Tony and Sue Renger raise their animals the way it used to be, outdoors and naturally.

The hogs can move in and out of shelters, roam the green grassy pastures, enjoy the fresh air and they have clean sweet straw for their beds. They are happy, healthy animals.

Purebred Berkshire pork is the highest quality pork, it is naturally tender and tastes great. Pasture-raised hogs are not only happier, but they produce firmer, jucier, tastier pork.

L'Etoile Restaurant, an award-winning restaurant in Madison, Wisconsin, serves Willow Creek Pork.

Willow Creek Pork was a finalist (for the third time!) in the Third Annual Gallo Gold Medal Awards (2007).