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"Hi, just a quick note to let you know how much we are appreciating your pork. There is a cult growing around it! Thanks from all of us at L'Etoile." - Odessa

"Sue, just wanted to let you know the roast was a HIT... 4 Wisconsin bred pork eating friends of mine had never had a shoulder roast and just loved it. There were no leftovers, which has never happened to me. So thanks, thanks for the delicious food and the simple recipe and for being so available." - Dana

"Hi! Could you please add me to your email list? I was really impressed with the ham she had at Christmas time!  - Gretchen

"My friend and I purchased a half hog from you last fall. Well it was delicious and I want to order more. Please send me an order form." - Carol

"I just want to tell you that we LOVE your bacon, both kinds. Thanks again for all the good meals you fed us this week." - MK

"Hi Sue & Tony, could you please send me another order form for pork. We are almost out of what we purchased before Christmas. It is excellent. We will order a whole hog this time. Thanks again!! The pork is really fabulous." - Steve & Jeanne

"I bought some pork chops Saturday at the fair and grilled them up last night. Wow! Were they good. How can I get more?" - Jim

"The pork I purchased from you was excellent. I'd like to pick up more." - John

"I am interested in buying a side of your delicious pork. I have tried it at the farmers market and believe it is the best and healthiest choice for my family." - Cynthia

"Hi! Thank you so much for opening up your farm to us last week when we came to visit. The next day I went to the Willy Street Co-op and bought some Willow Creek Farm pork for the first time. You have a new fan" - William

"Thank you so much for taking the time to show us your farm and talk about the pigs & your product. We greatly appreciate all that you do - preserving a family-style farm, protecting the environment and providing us with outstanding food! It's a very hopeful thing" - Bryn & JD

"Thank you for the wonderful visit to your farm. We enjoyed seeing how the pigs are raised & what a happy life they have. My Dad quotes "Best roast we've ever had" My Mom quotes "This is how pork chops used to taste when I was growing up". Thanks for making these wonderful meals possible." - Danielle & Jon