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Locally Sourced Pork

Do you care about eating local, sustainable and humanely produced food? Want food that has the best texture and taste?

Then you want to know about Willow Creek Farm’s delicious pork!

The pork we produce is amazing because we bring three  important practices together. 

First, our purebred Berkshire hogs are the finest animals available for pork. 

Environmentally Responsible

Second, we use sustainable, natural farming practices.

We believe we have an obligation to make sure our animals have comfortable and natural lives. Our hogs roam freely in their acres of green pastures, filled with natural Wisconsin grasses with no genetically modified plants.

We don’t ring noses and raise our animals in a non-C.A.F.O. environment (C.A.F.O. = confined animal feeding operation).

Our hogs are fed the finest corn, soybeans, and other grasses grown on the farm! And we don’t use antibiotics or animal by-products. 

Customized Cuts

Third we process all hogs in our own USDA inspected facility located in Prairie du Sac, WI.  All hogs are custom processed for each individual customer. 

We smoke hams and bacon with real wood in our own custom designed and built smokers – the end result is an irresistibly moist and delicious product.

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Prairie Du Sac WI